We redefine the time-keeping
experience for your daily workflow

ZeaTime™ captures your daily activity, freeing up time for you to do more for your clients.
No more sticky notes or timers, ZeaTime™ ensures complete and accurate client billing with a simple review and submission process that integrates directly into your time system.

Enhance Your Growth Productivity Efficiency Mobility Profitability Client Relationships Transparency Scalability Insights Accuracy

Tracks your daily activity, freeing up time for you to do more for your clients.

AI - Powered Time Tracking

Improve Efficiency with ZeaTime’s AI-Powered Time Tracking. Sync your work hours automatically to one integrated timesheet, online or offline.

Predictive Insights

ZeaTime AI-Engine Provides Actionable Insights to Optimize Your Workforce. ZeaTime™ provides your employees and management with insights into how your team works and suggests improvements in real-time to improve efficiency and productivity.

Accurate Client Billing

Ensure Precision in Every Invoice with ZeaTime. ZeaTime tracks all your billable time to ensure accurate and complete client invoicing.

Security & Compliance

Designed specifically for regulated industries, ZeaTime™ adopts a confidential approach to time-tracking, granting permission-driven data access to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance with industry standards. ZeaTime™ emphasizes adhering to stringent compliance standards and fortifying data security measures.

ZeaBot Support

Meet ZeaBOT, your AI-Powered Support bot for out of the box Assistance. Customizable to your firm and process to ensure quick answers to FAQs and insights to your time-tracking process.

Upgrade your workflow with ZeaTime™
time tracking.

Empower Your Workday with AI-Powered Time-Tracking.

Redefine Your Workflow with ZeaTime™
AI–Powered Time Tracking

Manual Time Tracking is often error-prone, labor-intensive, and disrupts the flow of work, leading to billing inaccuracies, missing timesheets, and employee frustration.
  • Automatically capture client billable hours and work data while you work with   AI-powered Time Tracking.
  • Effortlessly manage tasks while ZeaTime records hours for you, enabling you to concentrate on what’s important to you.
  • Sync, organize, and curate your time spent across all your work applications in one timesheet.
  • Take control of your time with fully customizable project dashboards. Easily track involvement in different projects across multiple clients.

Maximize Revenue, Minimize Effort

Ensure every second counts towards your bottom line with ZeaTime™ Precise Time Capture. Track Project Time Accurately and Expedite Billing with Confidence.
  • Capture client project data anytime, anywhere, and sync data with one click.
  • Complete and accurate billing with a simple review and submission process that integrates directly with your time system
  • Elevate employee efficiency and free up time to do more for your clients with 100% accurate data, eliminating time leaks caused by manual tracking errors.
  • Increase client billing: Optimize your utilization, streamline timesheet submission, segregate billable from non-billable hours and increase client billing accuracy.
  • With ZeaAI Data Hub (TM), put ZeaTime™ data to work for you and gain deep insights to pinpoint productivity inefficiencies, enhance project management, and enable data-driven decisions, increasing bottom-line revenue and employee satisfaction.

Leave the Sticky Notes and Timers Behind. Take Control with ZeaTime

Leverage Predictive Analytics and Enable Data-Driven Decisions in costs, resource allocation, billing, and other metrics.
  • Elevate project performance insights, boost service margins, and streamline service delivery.
  • Stay on track with workload forecasting notifications, ensuring productivity, and meeting realistic deadlines.
  • Gain access to precise project completion estimates to effectively manage client expectations and ensure project success.

Leave the Timers and Sticky Notes Behind. Take Control with ZeaTime

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